How to make the most of your vacation


Summer is in full swing and vacation time is just around the corner for many of us, so our minds fly towards those days when we will be able to free ourselves from the everyday constraints.

Vacation spot

When you decide to go on vacation, your first thoughts are probably about the wonderful sights you’re going to see and the relaxation the time off will bring you. So in order to make the most of your trip, we recommend following some easy tips for improving our travel experience and have a more enjoyable, less stressful vacation.

Enjoy local food

How to get the most of your vacation?

  1. Plan ahead, but don’t overschedule. It’s important to make plans for vacation and organise your time off so you can experience all the activities you have in mind for the trip, but it’s also fundamental to leave some unplanned time for relaxation. Rushing from place to place can be stressful and tiring, so make a flexible itinerary and be spontaneous.
  2. Disconnect from work and kick your social media addiction. To really enjoy a break from work, you should leave your gadgets at home or at least turn them off and transform this into an opportunity to connect with family and friends in real life. Also, don’t think idleness is a sin, it’s okay if you do nothing but relax.
  3. Skip the reviews. Before departing to your destination, you might be tempted to check some review sites to find out what the most popular restaurant is or where you can party the night away, but sometimes you may be better off asking a local to suggest a good venue or reading menus on display.
  4. Wake up early. If you want to avoid the crowds, get up at sunrise, begin exploring and take on new adventures.
  5. Observe locals’ routine. To really feel the pulse of a place, take time to chat with locals and learn something new about their culture every day. Another good idea is to just sit in a park and watch day-to-day life happen in front of you.
  6. Bring some extra cash with you. Emergency situations might occur, so you should consider stashing some extra cash.
  7. Pack like a pro. Only bring the things you need and try rolling outfits to take full advantage of luggage space. Your packing list should include only essential items.

Untravelled paths

Useful tips:

  • Choose vacations that you really want to take, don’t compromise and settle for any location because vacation time is precious.
  • Take pictures and capture the moment on video, but don’t forget to first savour the experience and take everything in with all of your senses.
  • Truly take the time to live in the moment, maintain a good attitude.
  • When exploring a new location, take the less-travelled paths or get lost on purpose.
  • Eat local food.
  • Include physical activity into your plans.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with activities, otherwise you’ll need a vacation from your vacation.
  • Lower your expectations and the trip will be perfect.