How to pack a suitcase efficiently


Space is always a problem when travelling, and packing can be stressful. This is why most people end up with much more than they need and occupy a lot of space with baggage. Fortunately, these tricks can help you save time and make the entire process extremely efficient.


The basics

Rule no. 1 – To save time packing a suitcase you need to decide which items are a must and which can be left home. The musts are travel documents, gadgets, chargers, and toiletries. The travel size bottles can help you save a lot of space with shampoo, cream, and so on.

Rule no. 2 – Decide which outfits you will use each day. Have in mind the places you plan to visit and how many formal vs. casual options you need. It is strongly advisable to check the weather forecast to know what to expect.


Rule no. 3 – Always wear your comfortable shoes on the road, and pack the fancier ones. If you travel by plane, remember that you are allowed to take with you a handbag. You can store them there, together with some extra pairs of socks and underwear.

Rule no 4 – Make a list of all the things you plan to take with you so you don’t forget anything at home.

Packing the clothes

Scenario 1 – Travelling for a few days. If your plan a short trip, the best way to pack your suitcase is through folding. You will only need one or two outfits, so you will have plenty of space to place them. This also implies taking a smaller bag with you.

Scenario 2 – A trip focused on visiting. An excellent way to spend a vacation in a foreign country is to visit as much as you can. This may imply changing hotels pretty often, so unpacking is not a viable option. To keep everything under control, just fold the clothes as you usually do, and stack them vertically, not horizontally to see exactly what you have inside.


Scenario 3 – A two weeks vacation. The more time you spend away from home, the more clothes you will need. A great way to add everything you need is through rolling. Moreover, you can also protect fragile items. Just make sure you add the fancier clothes above, as this packing method is not suitable for sensitive items.

Useful tips

  1. Make use of all the empty space from the suitcase. For example, you can roll your socks and store them in the shoes. Underwear can be stocked between the bras.
  2. Jackets and sweaters can be stored in vacuum bags.
  3. Always store toiletries in a waterproof makeup bag to prevent spilling.
  4. Use travel organisers to separate clothing.
  5. Belts can be stored on the edges for extra space.
  6. Place the heavier items at the side of the suitcase to prevent them from scrambling the others when you lift it in a vertical position.
  7. Jewels can be safely stored in pill cases.