Why People and Place?


How is P&P different? Here are four themes that combine to make P&P – maybe not unique – but not quite the same, either.

Moderated Swigs from the Information Firehose
P&P relays intelligence on the wire, but our primary attention is not on the day’s news. We step back to synthesize – in a volume/issue format.

Action Research
When it comes to innovation in action, P&P publisher Ecotrust brings 17 years of experience. P&P perspectives draw upon a close familiarity with work on the ground.

A Passion for Inquiry
Sure, we’ve got opinions. But no manifestos. P&P offers open, appreciative views. We like to listen and learn.

Seeking Synergies
Ecology as politics. Economics as ethics. In a rapidly changing world, narrow categories no longer suffice. On P&P, the relationships among people and between people and place serve as the twin foci around which everything else connects.
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